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One Cup At A Time
Hey there! I am very excited that you are interested in learning more about me and the journey that my wife, Lisa, and I have gone through.

Over the years, my wife, Lisa and I have endured many personal struggles; including failed marriages, job losses, and, even, a business bankruptcy. These losses were tough, but, we found that through...

HOPE, PERSEVERANCE, and a whole lot of GRACE...

That our Future was not defined by our Past!

We learned how to "fail forward"; and, somewhat out of necessity, continued to search for ways to provide "other" income so that we can be assured of a comfortable living and retirement.

BEAN NATION is our labor-of-love and way to reach out and work alongside other like-minded entrepreneurs, who also have the desire to build an online business and source of income.

Today, I am working from HOME, with a group of the most talented digital marketers in online business.

Understand this...I am not a TECHY-person!

When I graduated college, there was very little computer-training offered by any institutions. And, my job out-of-college, was in sales, not with computers.

Digital marketing never entered my mind as a course of action to earn income until the recent years.

Mostly, I was intimidated by any form of internet-marketing!

I knew how to turn-on a computer...

That was the extent of my technical training.

My work-history included Insurance Agency Owner, Brick-and-Mortar Business Owner, VP of Fortune 50 Company, Network Marketer, Finance Business Owner...and, others.

All I knew was the "old way" of business.

I was trained in door-to-door, telephone sales, and referrals from current clients.
In my early years, I would park at an office building and work my way down from the top floors to the bottom.


The "old way" of business is OUT!

With digital marketing, you no longer need to spend your time at local meet-ups, door-to-door sales, and pestering friends and family.

AUTOMATED BUSINESS SYSTEMS through Digital Marketing is Productive and Profitable while allowing you to work-at-home and set your own hours.

There is a much better way than "chasing people" to build a business income and you can do this from your home.

We, now, have a growing business and can rest easy that our financial future will be provided for.

And, I want to share what we have learned with YOU!

What the first thing I invite you to do?

You are encouraged to visit to join our FREE web class.

In our Web Classes, you will get a flavor of what we are doing; and, I am convinced, you will also see this might be a path for you and your family.

The most exciting thing is that we have been able to design a program that can allow you to get your own business up-and-running in as little as 30 days.

If your time is very limited...it might take a little longer.

You get to set your own pace.

We will do everything possible to show you, step-by-step, how we have set this up for ourselves and can be easily duplicated.

Here is even the better part...

You do not need a product to get started!

In our systems you will be directed to products and services you will have in your business which will help you build cash-flowing revenues.

You will learn the secrets to getting more traffic to your pages through "automation".

Get exponentially MORE traffic than you’ve ever experienced before.

Learn the SHORTCUTS.


We are looking forwarding to working, together, with you!


Mark and Lisa Tapp
What People Are Saying:
l am able to build a business by following a system...

It's extremely robust and answers all my questions I have about marketing, about building a business, how to find clients, how to find people to bring in my business, and how to help them succeed, as well!
- Arvin Gowens, TX

I love working with Mark because I know he has put the time, effort and ethics into every project we work together. 

Mark is very responsive and is a genuine joy to work with.
- Bob Haefner, KS

Mark is an outstanding business partner. 

Mark is well organized and always has the customer in mind. 

His planning and execution were keys to our success.
- Dave Cronk, Singapore
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