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Mark & Lisa
  Here’s the beginning of OUR STORY: 

  My beautiful bride, Lisa, and I met on-line, thirteen years ago on February 6, 2006.

We weren’t teenagers and both had been married with kids. My son was in his last year in college. Lisa’s kids were in high school. 

Life throws some bricks, fireballs, and snowballs at you! There is no escaping bumps and bruises, unless you just avoid “living”. Divorce was not a fun adventure...and, with divorce we, both, also suffered other losses that come with territory.

  It was God’s Grace that we met and got a do-over. 

Funny thing...

Neither of us would admit, still today, that if we had seen each other across the room that day, on February 6th...would we have remotely thought that God had planned our meeting and a life, together.

  But, on that Monday, Lisa “winked” at me on an internet-dating site. Lisa “liked” my profile.  

My profile was not one that would possibly get too many “winks”.

Admittedly, I was not as young and handsome as much as most of my competition on the site...

But, I also had taken great lengths to spell out my “beliefs” and what I was hoping to find in an internet-friend. I spoke about my relationship with God and that I was only interested in becoming friends with those like-minded.

A good friend of mine had warned me...

“Mark, you are not going to have much luck...you are looking for one in a million to even express a slight interest”, she said.

I thought that was ‘OKAY’...

Really, I was ONLY looking for the One In A Million!

  EIGHT DAYS later on Tuesday, February 14th, 2006, I gave Lisa a ring and asked her to marry me! 

She said, “YES”!

We knew in 8 Days that God had “purposed” us to make our life journey, together, with Him.


Reflecting back, I am positive the “incubation” of BEAN NATION, was part of God’s Plan before Lisa and I met.

  BEAN NATION represents Our Journey! 

One thing I told Lisa when we first married was, “Babe, this is going to be An Adventure!”

Lisa would tell you that not all adventures are positive...and many, if not most, have their challenges.

  Be sure that she is correct. 

You might be familiar with this saying, “In life, there is no Testimony, without the Tests”.

Well, here are just a few of our obstacles or “tests” over the years:

   Recovering from past marriages 

   Loss of jobs 

   Failed Franchise Business 


   Miscarriage of two children 

  Health Issues

  Kids (family drama..you know what I mean) Right?

  However, the “BLESSINGS’ have far out-weighed the negatives... 

If I were to make a list of the “blessings”, I would not have enough room on the internet. 

  Here a few of my top favorites: 

#1 Our lives have been enriched by the ‘lessons’ God has been teaching us about His Purpose for us, individually; and, as a couple.

#2 Our love for our family and each other is maturing. We are seeing each other and our kids more and more each day with the “Love of Jesus”...meaning, “unconditionally”.

#3 Because the massive amount of Grace we have both encountered, both Lisa and I are better equipped to be Givers of Grace to others.

  Back to BEAN NATION or Our Journey... 

In Our Journey, Lisa and I came to realize that we both have a passion for, both:

“Giving” “Building Business”

My first advice to anyone considering ‘going into business’ is Find Your Passion! 

BEAN NATION provides Lisa and I with the vehicle to GIVE back while...


  What we have learned from Our Journey and what we will learn from Our Future Journeys, we want to pass it on to our Family and Friends. 

  We hope you will join us!!!

 Lisa & Mark
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